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I liked the swarto fandom better before it got big cause now some of yall are stupid as fuck and giving us a bad name

sarah was at Latitude: 36° 16’ 15.06” and hannah was at Laitudet: 38° 18’ 17.06” if you add two to each of the numbers you get 6 which is the amount of letters in hannah’s name swarto is real and if you say it’s not then you’re delusional


Someone tweeted about wanting someone to rant about how intrusive/annoying/weird it is that people comment ships on pictures of people involved in said ships even though the picture that they may have posted have absolutely nothing to do with said ships.

This primarily happens with Swarto, and I agree that maybe it should be addressed, so that’s who I’m gonna talk about. Sarah’s very kind to us all. She’s as important as Hannah, Grace, and Mamrie. I consider her part of the Trinity in some way, too.

What I am assuming pisses her off, though, is people on this website assuming her and Hannah are dating. I witnessed one occasion where she posted a picture on which people commented “swarto” and swarto-related things. cryingoverswarto and a few others told them to chill out, basically, and Sarah thanked them for shutting them down. It’s clear that Sarah doesn’t necessarily mind the ship; there is nothing she can do about it. She really can’t not mind it. She definitely doesn’t want everything to revolve around Swarto, though. 

What I do not want to assume, but am anyway, is the fact that some people disregard Sarah as a person who manages Hannah. She is not Hannah’s girlfriend,” guys. She manages Hannah. They are close friends, but not everything needs to be a ship. I do agree that Swarto is cute. I never said it was not. Just keep in mind that Sarah is one person who may not be 120% on-board or comfortable with the shipping. Maybe she’s totally on board because of the fact that she knows there are Swarto fics, but I’m just saying.

On her Instagram, Sarah has a picture of a latte with latte art in the shape of a heart. It had absolutely nothing to do with Hannah; the barista made it that way and she was just posting it for giggles, yet there were still Swarto comments on it ranging from just “#swarto” to “Hannah must be jealous.” We all know Grace loves to troll, but we know when she’s trolling. And we know that Sarah wasn’t trolling, so no one can pull that card. She also just recently posted a picture with her brother, on which people commented “swarto” and I don’t get it. It’s her brother? What’s her brother got to do with the ship you’re forcing upon her?

Not everyone is comfortable with being part of a ship. It might come with the fame that she has, but don’t continue to make her uncomfortable/agitate her. And don’t dare disregard how important she is, because she’s not just a member of your OTP. She’s one reason why Hannah (and the rest of Swike’s crew) does what she does and gets what she gets. 

I just think Swike is important, and I wanted to bring this up before people actually piss her off. The relationship she has with Hannah is, in all reality, most likely professional. If it’s not, that’s for them to say.

I hope this is organized enough for you to understand what I’m trying to say. In conclusion, just know this isn’t hate. Please just find your chill when it comes to ships.